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    A distinctive and personal jewelry buying experience

    At Altamar we are redefining luxury by giving customers a welcoming and friendly platform where designing and buying jewelry is as enjoyable as receiving it! The process of creating custom jewelry is personal and meaningful, and at Altamar we believe that custom designed jewelry is easier to attain today than ever thought possible-and available in all budgets. 

    With meticulous attention to details, from hand selecting the most charismatic diamonds, to meeting budgets and deadlines, our objective is to always deliver the perfect piece of jewelry-while developing lifelong relationships. We also treasure creating a special gift, for a special occasion or turning something old and honored into new and unforgettable.

    Our design platform and manufacturing capabilities inspire clients to express themselves and create jewelry their way and for their lifestyle-from engagement bridal to bold fashion jewelry. Or, if you are in the market for a collection quality diamond or colored gemstone, at Altamar, we are always eager to fulfill your unique request.

    Dedicated to bringing your vision to life,Toni Altamar will effortlessly guide each client through the design process and create exceptional pieces of jewelry that are strikingly beautiful and timeless in design.