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    In jewelry as in life - a long history has its reward.

    She began her life-long career in the jewelry industry working at a small jewelry store when she was just 16. Two years later she was off to college where she studied Jewelry Technology and Gemology. The early years of her career were truly learning years, working ‘behind the scenes’ with jewelers, buyers, sales teams and most importantly, clients.

    The next 17 years were spent working in a different side of the jewelry industry. Toni worked with clients from the largest jewelry retailers and most prominent jewelry brands in the world. Her expertise in both jewelry design and personalized client interaction were key to her success in helping retailers and jewelry brands build their brand identity via visual merchandise planning and design to ensure their jewelry showed well in the stores. During this time, Toni attended many major international jewelry shows, making life-long friends and connections for sourcing diamonds and fine gemstones from the world over. This would serve her well as she began her next adventure...

    Toni meets Orlando. 

    A true love story. In her words: ‘I wouldn’t be me without my Mr. Right, my forever date, my husband, Orlando Altamar.’

    With a shared history and passion for the jewelry industry they are a powerhouse team on all levels, both personally and professionally. Together, they have over 60 years of experience in making beautiful jewelry and working closely with clients - many of which have become close personal friends. 

    Toni truly ‘loves love’. Since every client’s ‘story’ is special and unique, she works closely with them to guide them through the process, making sure all their needs are met-no matter what it takes. She believes the experience of purchasing jewelry should be personal, exciting, fun, and stress-free, instead of scary and intimidating. You should feel like you are visiting with a friend who truly has your best interests at heart. She goes above and beyond to make lasting relationships with every opportunity to design and make jewelry for her clients. 



    Orlando's passion for jewelry design stems from his life-long live of the arts. The thought process of both simple and complex ideas drawn from music, architecture and the aesthetics of the world around him.

    Orlando’s career began in the high-pressure world of International banking and foreign currency trading. At a very young age, he became a foreign item analyst, for the twelfth largest bank in the world. Trusted with high-security clearance, Orlando was responsible for the daily targeting and transfer of hundreds of millions of dollars in global currencies. His experience in international business grew and soon would lead him to the jewelry business. 

    Orlando befriended a family of highly skilled jewelers that taught him the retail jewelry business, and more importantly, the “art of diamond buying” and jewelry fabrication. His introduction into the world of fine jewelry was swift, broad and deeply entrenched-Orlando thrived and found his true passion. Soon after, he formed his first multinational company that broke traditional procurement barriers, allowing him exclusive and direct access to the richest emerald mines in his native Colombia. His company purveyed some of the finest emeralds in the world for distribution to influential and prestigious European gem dealers and Middle Eastern Royalty. 

    Later in his career, he consulted for several high-profile jewelry manufacturers where he was instrumental in raising the standards for manufacturing fine jewelry for export to the U.S. and European markets. He traveled extensively around the world, working side-by-side with each manufacturer to ensure the highest quality fabrication.

    Orlando designed jewelry on his own for years, sketching, engineering, creating. Eventually given the opportunity to design and brand on a large scale, the international jewelry community took notice of Orlando as an up-and-coming talented jewelry designer.

    Orlando’s passion for design and diamond acquisitions has allowed him to successfully launch several well-known, award-winning jewelry brands that to this day are highly sought out by jewelry store owners and consumers worldwide. Those diamond, bridal and fashion jewelry collections found in magazines and at thousands of jewelry retail locations across the globe today are testimony to Orlando’s creative genius. He produced hundreds of designs each year, and each unique design optimized Orlando’s expression of passion, luxury and glamour. 

    Today, Orlando’s pursuit is to work with his wife Toni, to use his skill and experience in their business, ALTAMAR. Together, they help individual clients fall in love with the creative process of jewelry design-just as he did. His passion is to create remarkable jewelry-influenced straight from the heart.