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    ...Imagined Again

    Jewelry often has a story that makes it special, it may also hold a deep sentiment to its owner. At Altamar, we appreciate the value and sentiment found in older jewelry. Perhaps a treasured gift from a loved one? Or a piece that was lovingly passed down from another generation? Maybe a self-purchase that is no longer in style?

    There's always been a sort of magic to recreating jewelry. Working together to "re-imagine" your jewelry retains the sentiment, the value, and in turn produces a beautiful new piece-which by its very nature is now a one-of-a-kind treasure.





    On our initial consultation, whether it be in person, by phone or email we will discuss the jewelry that you are considering re-purposing. We are inspired to preserve and re-use the materials from the original pieces, such as diamonds, colored stones, gold or platinum. To design something completely new and fashionable, we must first consider all the individual components from the original pieces. The intent is to use as many of the original elements as possible to retain the sentiment and add greater value to the new design. With attention to every detail and a new perspective, we bring your ideas to life in exquisite fashion.
    If your interest is selling your jewelry outright, we can facilitate this by purchasing the items as raw materials at current market costs. If your wish is to sell the jewelry in exchange for a new piece or design, we can use the dollar value of the raw materials, at market costs, and apply the dollar value towards the new piece.
    Once we have completed our journey with your piece, we will make the necessary arrangements to either meet in person or have it delivered directly to you. If shipping is required, Altamar will arrange the best method of shipment via our secure and insured shipping partners. We will also make a few recommendations regarding independent appraisal services, insurance and the maintenance of your new piece.